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Start focusing on friendships more.

When you think about what is most valuable to those who are involved with your Nonprofit,  what comes to mind? Is it the hours spent packing boxes in the freezing cold to deliver to those in need while making new connections? The late nights that became early mornings all dressed up with friends attending events in support of the organization they love? The giggling like little kids in board meetings while getting scolded to behave? You'll start to notice [...]

Celebrating Band of Parents!

Today (and every day) we are celebrating our friends at Band of Parents! We are wishing you a heartfelt congratulations on this landmark accomplishment – and a thank you for the work you do. "In a landmark in pediatric oncology research, children with high-risk neuroblastoma across Europe and North America will be treated together for the first time, following the award of $1.3M to fund a new transatlantic clinical trial led by Dr Yael Mossé of Children’s Hospital [...]

We're tired. How's your organization doing?

We'll say it – we're exhausted. In the beginning of the pandemic people were in utter shock. That shock turned into action – people only wanted to find ways to help. Nonprofits were pleasantly surprised with the spike in donations – it was almost like an adrenaline rush. Whether it was donating food, goods, money, people were ready to step in and lend a hand. Just like any adrenaline rush, though, there comes a crash. The adrenaline has seemingly [...]