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Why You Should Text Your Donors

Many people thing that sending texts to donors is highly inappropriate behavior and dismiss it with indignation. However, it is becoming an acceptable way of communication across many age groups, and it is a good way to add some personal touch to your relationship with donors. The power of texting is in the incredible fact that the likelihood of the text being read is 98%. Appealing thing is that texting is really easy and some tools allow you to send and receive texts directly from your e-mail address.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since texting is the prime way to talk to people, sending a thank you via text is the best way for them to see it.
  • Saying thank you, especially in a no strings attached text, strengthens your connection to your donor base.
  • Using a platform called Textology allows you to easily text many people from phone or computer.

“94% of seniors (adults 70 and older) are sending text messages weekly, with a daily average of 11 messages.”

Read more: https://bloomerang.co/blog/why-you-should-text-your-donors/

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