Is gratitude really hurting our sector?

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Is gratitude really hurting our sector?

Some Nonprofit organizations believe that too much gratitude can harm donations received by their organization, but that's not exactly the case. Businesses and corporations who donate aren't looking for gratitude, but as a way to market their brand and receive recognition. Individuals also make up a large portion of donations, and these people should be treated with respect and gratitude so that they are more inclined to give in the future. Nonprofits should have a fundraising plan in place that includes gratitude to improve relationships and future donations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Donors are not the ones causing the issue of making Nonprofits do work that should be done by government. For this reason, we can be grateful for their contribution.
  • Individual donors are different than plain corporate donors. They put themselves out there giving time and money into something they care about.
  • Gratitude is great for non profits as well as for us in our personal lives. Spend a few minutes being grateful each day and your level of happiness should increase.

“The problem here isn’t so much gratitude as an organizational plan that’s not sustainable.”

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