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Start focusing on friendships more.

When you think about what is most valuable to those who are involved with your Nonprofit,  what comes to mind? Is it the hours spent packing boxes in the freezing cold to deliver to those in need while making new connections? The late nights that became early mornings all dressed up with friends attending events in support of the organization they love? The giggling like little kids in board meetings while getting scolded to behave?

You'll start to notice a theme: friendship.

Friendships, memories, connections, support – that's what Nonprofits are all about. It's easy to lose sight of this, especially now that financial futures are so uncertain. With Giving Tuesday almost here, it's important to remember, there's so much more to give than just money. There are always friendships and connections to be made. Always new memories to create, and it's always the time to support one another. Right now a lot of us have to stay apart from loved ones and friends, and we are conscious man people are struggling financially.  We put together a list of our favorite ideas we've heard Nonprofits doing, that are little to no cost, but will go a long way. Right now is the time to give back.

There are so many reasons to organize an exchange. Well, the first- people love receiving gifts. In addition, exchanging gifts is a way for people to connect and feel apart of something. We even love the idea of exchanging gifts with people you may not know! This is a great way to meet new people without ever physically being together.

Show and tell sounds sort of silly, don't you think?! But, it's not. Dive below the surface level. Plan an event (or series) where you invite participants to bring something to talk about. With religious organizations, people can bring items that have to do with their favorite rituals. Other organizations can pick a theme specific to them.

Depending on your organization, you can choose to honor someone for the work they've done within their organizations or work they've done outside of your organization. This seemingly small recognition could help create connections. Readers often choose to reach out and congratulate the honoree. Not to mention, the honoree will feel great being acknowledged!

Engaging with followers on social media goes beyond social media. When someone sees your organization taking the time to like or comment back to them, it makes them feel valued. No matter how small or big your following is. A lot of users are on social media way more now, so this is really a great way to get in “front of their faces.”

Psst… it's also great for recruiting new followers!

Building connections with local businesses has never been more crucial – for both your organization and local businesses. It's pretty safe to assume that Nonprofits and local businesses are operating on a very, very small advertising budget (pre-Covid as well). Teaming up together means that you can advertise each other's events, advertise in each other's newsletters, and offer special discounts for your readers. Or, form a partnership of your own. Whatever you choose, it's the right plan. It's always great to have your neighbor's back.

We are going to get very real with you – friendships will help your Nonprofit survive this pandemic. The connections that people make with your Nonprofit are an anchor. Test out some of our ideas. Create your own ideas. And, as always, let us know how it works out!

“Anything is possible when you have the right people to support you.”
– Misty Copeland

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