Fundraising Mid-Pandemic: Your Honor and Responsibility

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Fundraising Mid-Pandemic: Your Honor and Responsibility

Fundraising is incredibly vital, especially during COVID. But, it is also a great honor to serve those who are in need of assistance, especially during the pandemic. Also, fundraising is about giving back what you raise and doing so responsibly. People are always seeking meaning and fundraisers that are meaningful will be better for most of us. It feels good to know you are making a difference and that you aren't so helpless to help other people during hard times.

Key Takeaways:

  • Henry Rosso argued that fundraising is a privilege which must be earned.
  • Fundraising serves philanthropy, not the love of money, so ask without apology.
  • People seek meaning during stressful times, and giving is one way people can achieve a new sense of purpose.

“While the need for your nonprofit’s work may seem obvious to you, an insider, it’s likely not so obvious to external constituencies. And that may be especially true today if what you’re able to do has shifted. So you have to tell supporters why you matter today.”

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