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How to Get Your Fundraising Engine in Working Order

Despite all the challenges of non-profit work, from inequality issues, homelessness or domestic violence, the most difficult part for many organizations is fundraising. Unfortunately, it is often the most critical part too. During the pandemic, high unemployment and economic uncertainty, fundraising becomes even more important. Most funds come from individuals and typically from asking in-person. There are many things questions that you need to answer to ensure you optimize your fundraising efforts. From asking whether you have the right people doing fundraising, to determining whether you are going about it the right way, or whether you target the right donors. For most organizations, this is an everlasting learning process.

Key Takeaways:

  • The overwhelming majority of charitable gifts come not from corporations or foundations, but from individuals.
  • In a nonprofit organization, fundraising is the engine that makes everything else run.
  • The free online workshop ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Get' will teach you how to ask people for money.

“And many executive directors have never had any fundraising training at all. Most come from the program side and then are expected to be master fundraisers right out of the gate. It’s much easier to just avoid the whole thing.”

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